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hebaCARE Reichhaltige Pflegedusche sensitiv

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hebaCARE Caring Nourishing Shower Gel sensitive

The perfect shower experience

For some it is the well-deserved conclusion after a stressful day, for others the starting signal in the morning: showering. A soothing shower is more than just a cleansing, it's a ritual. So that you also have the perfect companion, hebaCARE has developed a rich nourishing shower gel that supplies your skin with valuable vegetable oils from nature.

The right temperature

Cleaning body with shower gel and soaking the body is a daily ritual for many people. But especially sensitive skin is tender to too much water. For this reason, the care product used in the shower is of great importance. Never shower too hot, even if it initially creates a pleasant feeling on cold winter evenings. For your skin too hot water is not recommended because the protective water-greasy film of the skin can be attacked. A shower temperature of a maximum of 36 to 38 degrees is recommended and pleasant. Too hot water dissolves the fatty film of the skin. Her natural protective coat is attacked by the hot water. Eczema have so much free rein. If you discover red spots on your skin after showering, this is a first warning signal. Also make sure that you do not shower too long and take proper care, otherwise the acid mantle of the skin can be affected. A showering time of about 5 to 10 minutes is sufficient to relax and remove both sweat and dirt particles.

The right care

The temperature of the water and the frequency with which you take a shower are as important as the proper body cleansing products. These should always be fair to your skin type. If you have very dry, irritated skin, you and your body need one thing above all else: moisture and a lot of care. A nourishing product such asthe hebaCARE rich nourishing Shower Gel sensitive has been specially developed for the requirements of sensitive skin. It nourishes even dry skin and helps it to regenerate faster. The intensive moisturizing pampers the skin - it feels silky smooth and silky. Also the special needs of your intimate area you should pay attention in the hebaCARE Intimate Washing Gel sensitive . With the hebaCARE Intimate Care, you prevent irritation, soothe the skin and ensure a clean and fresh feeling.

The hebaCARE Caring Nourishing Shower Gel sensitive

The hebaCARE Caring Nourishing Shower Gel sensitive was specially developed for the rich, intensive regenerating care for stressed and very dry skin. It is particularly sensitive leaves after cleaning a fresh and well-groomed skin feeling. With the hebaCARE Caring Nourishing Shower Gel sensitive you can combine your daily beauty ritual with intensive care that moisturizes your skin. You want soft and supple skin? After the first shower with the hebaCARE Caring Nourishing Shower Gel sensitive, your skin already feels softer and smoother! The hebaCARE Caring Nourishing Shower Gel sensitive was specially developed as a soft cleansing product for sensitive skin, which cleans very tender and 100% soap-free. This fine and very sensitive shower care contains the valuable ingredients of olive oil, vitamin E and almond oil. The high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the vegetable oils protects the skin from drying out and gives it elasticity and smoothness. The soap-free formula with valuable olives and almond oil intensively nourishes the skin - for a noticeably smoother and smoother skin feeling. The gentle and highly effective skin care provides your skin with plenty of moisture for the whole day and after showering your skin feels like it is creamy. The hebaCARE Caring Nourishing Shower Gel sensitive contains no harmful raw materials. It is pH skin neutral, pH=5,5 and skin compatibility is dermatologically confirmed. Made in Germany, vegan and free of parabens, mineral oils, dyes, phthalates and silicones. According to the German Cosmetic Regulation without PEG or PEG derivatives.

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